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Qingzhou three dragon building materials equipment factory main products are: GP series roller suspension type reinforced concrete tube machine, ZY axial spinning cement tube machine, LP series centrifugal concrete tube machine, and vertical vibration of cement mill, etc four categories, more than 20 varieties.

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    Our factory is responsible for equipment installation, commissioning, operation, church to produce qualified products, provide maintenance service for life, dedicated spare parts supply. Prophase planning, arrangement, on site for guidance supporting ancillary equipment installation. And can provide whole plant a full set of equipment, installation, debugging, operation, the training of workers turn-key project.  
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Roller suspension type cement tube machine working principle and main technical parameters

Roller suspension type cement tube machine working principle and main technical parameters
Hanging roller tube machine is a production of reinforced concrete and prestressed reinforced concrete pipe ideal machine equipment, the machine can produce 2 -- 5 meters long, 300 - ¢2400 mm diameter ¢various interfaces of reinforced concrete pipe, widely used in municipal drainage, irrigation, highway culverts and deep well, and so on.
Working principle is:
Using the roll shaft support pipe die and roller pressure within the pipe die on concrete. When the roll shaft drive pipe die for high-speed operation, the concrete under the action of centrifugal force inside the pipe die, along the pipe die wall, form a tubular. When the pipe die inside concrete rotates through the roller, the roller and pipe die formed by compaction of concrete pipe body.
Hanging roller tube machine features:
1, short production cycle, due to the roll shaft directly rolled concrete forming effect is good, the time is short, each root canal as long as 3-5 minutes of rapid rolling time.
2, hanging roller tube use harsh concrete, waste slurry, less waste of materials, polluting the environment.
3, low noise, produced during the pipe is about 80-90 decibels.
4, pipe external pressure intensity is high, the production efficiency is high.
The main technical parameters
A, production process and equipment foundation drawing; 2, responsible for equipment installation and debugging to produce qualified products, our company by technical installation personnel to evacuate. 3, is responsible for the buyer's technical personnel for technical training required for the production of cement pipe, at the same time provide operation procedures, equipment operation, model XG600 XG1200XG1500XG2000 pipe diameter (mm), 300-600, 800-1200, 1000-1500, 1500-1000 pipe length (mm) 2000, 2000, 2000, 2000 motor power (kw) of 15 to 30 to 55 90 motor models YCT225-4 b YCT315-4 a YCT355 YCT355-44-4 a
The roller diameter (mm) ¢140 ¢273 ¢325 ¢
426 roll shaft rotational speed (r/min), 83-833 69-687 65-653, 100-653
2, the production scope
Can produce diameter from 200 ~ 2000 mm length: 200 ~ 4000 mm socket, flat mouth, tongue-and-groove reinforced concrete pipe, its structure size and various mechanical indexes meet the international requirements. Can be widely used in highway culverts, municipal drainage, deep Wells, long distance water conveyance, etc., special specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

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