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Qingzhou three dragon building materials equipment factory main products are: GP series roller suspension type reinforced concrete tube machine, ZY axial spinning cement tube machine, LP series centrifugal concrete tube machine, and vertical vibration of cement mill, etc four categories, more than 20 varieties.

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Cement tube machine
Roller suspension type cement tube machine
The centrifugal cement tube machine
Vertical axial spinning cement tube machine
Vertical vibration type cement pipe equipment
Other types of equipment
Seam welder
The driving
Forced mixer
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    Our factory is responsible for equipment installation, commissioning, operation, church to produce qualified products, provide maintenance service for life, dedicated spare parts supply. Prophase planning, arrangement, on site for guidance supporting ancillary equipment installation. And can provide whole plant a full set of equipment, installation, debugging, operation, the training of workers turn-key project.  
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